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Tramadol HCl Capsule (compounded)


Item No. 3007522
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Product Description

Capsule size, color, shape, markings, or banding may vary from pictured image.
Tramadol HCl - The shelf life of this medication isĀ 180 days. Quantities that exceed this shelf life will not be processed and create delay in your order.

Please note: Special Prescription Process for Tramadol Effective 8/18/2014, Tramadol is classified as a controlled substance. In turn, pharmacy regulations require that any electronically prescribed prescription for this medication must be confirmed with a live phone call to the prescribing veterinarian. To comply with the laws, our pharmacy will call to verify any electronically prescribed authorization for these products. Additionally, the pet owner's drivers license number is required. Please call to provide this information to avoid delays. Packages will require an adult signature; please provide an address where an adult will be available to sign for the medication. We thank you in advance for supporting this process.

**Please note that Tramadol can not be shipped to New York.***

Product Information
Effective 8/18/14: A driver's license number is required for all Tramadol prescriptions before the medication can be shipped. An adult signature is required for receiving this medication.
Active Ingredients
Tramadol hydrochloride
Directions for User
Verbal recordings will be necessary for all electronically prescribed Tramadol prescriptions. Prescriber's DEA number, pet owner's drivers license number, and adult signature are all required.
Special Precautions
In compliance with Federal Law, no prescription products shall be used for resale or redistribution by Pet Owner, Veterinarian, or any other person. Compounded medications are made specifically for the prescribed pet, and thus are not returnable. Product appearance may vary. **EFFECTIVE 8/18/2014: Due to federal regulations, any electronically prescribed Tramadol prescriptions must be verbally recorded. A valid DEA number is required for all Tramadol prescriptions. A maximum of 5 refills within 6 months is permitted. Any prescriptions exceeding this requirement will be reduced. A drivers license number is required from the pet owner. Any missing information will cause delays in order processing. Please have this item shipped to an address where an adult will be present, as a signature is required.**
Shipping Information

**EFFECTIVE 8/18/2014: Due to federal regulations, this medication requires an adult signature. Please choose a shipping location where an adult will be present to receive this.** Current regulations do not allow Tramadol to be shipped to New York.